Love & Passion That Last A Lifetime

    Having an ‘OK’ relationship is easy, creating a loving and passionate relationship for life, now that takes commitment and dedication!’


    I do believe that with the right mindset and strategies, everyone can create and have the best relationships of their lives. Life is too short to settle for a relationship that is less than what you truly deserve. Join me to revolutionise relationships forever!


    • Are you amongst those who dreamed of having a ‘Happily Ever After’ but the reality is far from what you imagined? 
    • Are you currently feeling stuck, frustrated and unhappy with where you are? 
    • Are you ready to bring back the love, passion, intimacy and excitement to your relationship and sustain it for the rest of your life?

    In Honeymoon Forever, Jane shares her journey from being in an abusive relationship to attracting her soul mate and now living her modern version of a ‘Happily Ever After’. She has helped many couples overcome relationship challenges and bring back the love, passion and intimacy for life.


    Follow the proven 12-step system that Jane shares and you too can have the dream relationship you truly deserve.


    Start saying ‘Yes’ to you and your relationship! Relationship success is no longer a ‘waiting, hoping or wishing’ game but a sweet reality for those who believe in their dream and take the actions required to make it happen.


    You will discover the mindset, strategies and action steps to have a ‘Honeymoon Forever’.


    Live your relationship dream!



    Journey To Create YOUR Happily Ever After

    Chapter 1: Discovering Your Desires

    Understand your relationship blueprint and design your ultimate relationship vision. Discover your relationship values so you can attract love that align with who you are.

    Chapter 2: Soul Mate Forever

    Discover the 2 essential components of a successful relationship so that you can break-free from negative and toxic relationships

    Chapter 3: Driving Your Love Bus

    Reclaim your personal identity in your relationship and take back your inner power.

    Chapter 4: Empty Your Emotional Baggage

    Simple strategies to help you let go of past emotional issues and heal from trauma so you can make space to welcome love and abundance

    Chapter 5: Imperfectly Perfect

    Learn the art of acceptance and finding your authentic self so you can shine from the inside out.

    Chapter 6: Love Thyself

    Learn and master the art of self-love with these simple 15 tips

    Chapter 7: Building a Relationship Framework

    Build a strong relationship foundation of love, trust and solid teamwork that will help you overcome challenges.

    Chapter 8: The Battle of The Sexes

    Understand the key differences between men and women and how they impact largely on the day to day conflicts. Simple strategies on how to effectively diffuse any conflicts or arguments.

    Chapter 9: Rekindle Romance

    Bring back date nights and romance in your relationship with simple and easy to follow ideas.

    Chapter 10: Meeting Your Partner’s Needs, Wants and Desires

    Understand your own core needs and how to fill your own 'cup' and at the same time, satisfy your partner needs, wants and desires and have them hooked for life.

    Chapter 11: The Dance of Sexual Energy


    Discover the power of the sexual energy that you each has and how to re-ignite that passion you first had in your relationship.

    Chapter 12: The Roadmap to Ultimate Love, Passion & Intimacy


    Discover the 8 level of intimacy and how to experience deep level of connect and intimacy in your relationship. Relive your honeymoon period each day, everyday.

    Bonus Chapter: The Ever-evolving Relationship

    Three simple mindsets to take to heart that guarantee to help your relationship withstand the test of time.


    “Unless it's mad, passionate, extraordinary love, it's a waste of your time. There are too many mediocre things in life. Love shouldn't be one of them.”


    From being in an abusive relationship to having a happily ever after.


    “The best love is the kind that awakens the soul; that makes us reach for more, that plants the fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds.”

  • About Jane Nguyen


    Jane Nguyen is an Author, Speaker, Transformational Dating & Relationship Coach, Founder of Honeymoon Forever and Co -Founder of IntimacyTV.


    Jane comes from a background of a 6-year abusive relationship (both physically & emotionally). After leaving that relationship, Jane devoted many years of her life in the space of personal development to find out the key ingredients to create a successful relationship. Using her signature “Feminine Power” coaching method in her programs, workshops and retreats, Jane teaches women how to tap more into their Feminine essence and shine from the inside out, to attract a man and a relationship that allows them to be all that they can be.

    Jane Nguyen is the 'go-to girl' for the smart, independent and career driven women who want to experience transformational change in their dating & relationships. She is known for helping her clients create RAPID and LONG LASTING RESULTS, even in the first few sessions.

    Her clients come from all paths of lives, yet they share one common theme: Despite all the success they've had in their career, dating and relationships are something they really struggle with.

    Common issues that often arise from the coaching sessions include:
    - Being single & frustrated with the modern dating and struggling to attract the right partner into their lives
    - Being in a relationship but feeling like they are not being understood or appreciated. Having lots of arguments instead of connection & intimacy
    - Feeling unhappy or unfulfilled in their lives, struggling with their self worth/ self-esteem, don't feel like they are living true to their authentic self.

    Jane is a proud author of her book "Honeymoon Forever" and a contributing author of 3 other books that equip people with the right mindsets and skills to become the best version of themselves and create the relationship of their dream.

    Jane has also been featured in different online blogs, magazines and radio, including Southern FM 88.3, Your Tango, Mouths of Mums, Single Mums' Hub etc.

    Jane also co-founded IntimacyTV with the intention of providing a platform for open & real education around the topics of love, sex, dating & relationships through having raw and authentic conversations. www.intimacytv.com.au

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    Melbourne, Australia
    0432 285 085
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